4/ Roundabout what? , 2018

Opening ceremony of the Roundabout what?


Participative performance 

35 min



Zebra mobile (4 x 2,5 meters)


The politician: Gijs Velsink

The singer: Miyuki Inoue


Documentation: Elisa Grasso


Roundabout what? emerges from a desire to invest the unused space of roundabouts by making them accessible to pedestrians, in order to organize events and bring out social issues.

After sending invitations to friends, artists and architects, a group of people found themselves at the edge of a roundabout in Amsterdam. The opening ceremony, a performance in itself, reproduced an usual official sequence with a political figure, a master of ceremony and a singer.


Safety vests were attached to the invitations. They allowed whoever that wears them, to become «official» in the public space. 

The group then joined the urban island thanks to the mobile pedestrian crossing run by the artist. Surrounded by traffic and seated in a circle, the group followed the progress of the opening of the project. The ceremony ended with a small aperitivo, still on the roundabout.