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3/ Scuzi, where is le château?, 2018


25 minutes

Context : Garden Party,Théâtre de l’Usine, Geneva

Pictures: Eden Leviam


Scuzi, where is le château is an ascent.

During a summer afternoon, far away, a hiker disturbs the calm of the park. Overlooking the stage, the public, ignorant, distinguishes a silhouette approaching. She finally reveals herself in front of them.

Self-giving and representative effort of an arrival in Switzerland, the metaphor of the walk results in the unpacking of a big backpack taking the characteristics of a Swiss knife, which reveals little by little the whole of the scenography. Each element that appears then becomes an opportunity for the performer to tell, with humor, music, and interaction with the audience, her first experiences as a foreigner.

Performance designed especially for the idyllic view offered by the castle of Penthes in Geneva, it will be taken to the Swiss Institute in Roma in 2019, still in a garden context.

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