37 minutes

Context: Swiss performance Awards

Pictures: Frederico Ramos Lopes, Emmanuelle Bayart

In this performance, Sanvee transfigures the architecture of the Aargauer Kunsthaus* through language and gesture. The imposing staircase of the museum’s foyer is staged by the artist as an enigmatic passageway between outside and inside. Rémy Zaugg’s inscription on the facade « ICH DAS BILD ICH SEHE » ( I THE PICTURE I SEE) is the starting point for Sanvee’s private dialogue with Zaugg, which she eventually projects into her surroundings. In this way, the artist poses one of her core questions: To what extent do we passively adapt to the outside world as dictated by societal codes, and where do we actively create them anew?

* (Switzerland)

© 2020 courtesy of the artist Davide Christelle Sanvee

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